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    Peter DeChamp Richardson

    Just a coder and a dad. I love my family and I love to code!!!! started coding at 11, so I have 25 years under my belt. Still love learning about it every day. Follow me on instagram @codeFiend

    So I am going to brag a little. I recently went somewhat viral on a post I made on

    The funny thing was that it was about my fear of releasing my things to the public in fear of judgement or trying to "make it perfect".

    So by taking a chance, it showed that it's worth it to face your fears sometimes.

    You can see it at 25 years of coding, and I'm just beginning

    Hello! Welcome to!

    So this is just a little project I am working on to help gather some useful tools and resource together for developers.

    I use these resources often so it's just nice to have one place to go. If you have suggestions, I'm more than happy to hear from you!

    What's to come in 2019

    The site just launched but I already have a million ideas for it. I just don't have the time to add everything right away.

    With that being said, the goal is to get a few developers and designers to add some helping hands!

    If that is you, please send me an email to and let me know!

    Some of the ideas are as follows...

    • darkmode to the theme
    • many many more tools and resources/guides
    • search for resource page
    • profiles and settings
    • gidgitz order customization and favorites
    • community
      • Offer to help or request help for personal projects
      • A place to show off personal projects
      • Ability to add and manage resources as a community via voting

    These are just a few to list for now. Looking forward to hearing more from you all.